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Background Information About Silver Insurance

Silver Insurance is a duly registered South Sudanese company that provides a wide range of crucial and specialized insurance products. Service excellence is our hallmark and prompt claims settlement is of paramount importance to us because it is the main reason our esteemed clients choose to do business with us. It is a brain child of seasoned professionals that after a long period of research, managed to identify several insurance voids which needed to be covered. It is upon that background that Silver Insurance was established to conduct insurance business in a professional, ethical and in a customer-focused manner.

At Silver Insurance, we understand the value clients they attach to their businesses, homes, jobs, property, life, dependents, investments, companies, organizations and so much more. Because we are in the business of ensuring that they are not affected greatly by the outcomes of life's uncertainties especially for those insured risks, we help protect them. We expertly guide them so that through our wide range of products and services, they can always identify the most suitable cover to their every risk and help them get back to where they always were in the event any calamities befell them. Our financial position is credible and reserves amounting to USD 50,000,000 million. Currently it is underwriting general Insurance risks and perils for the people of south Sudan. Our services have already generated enormous interest from within Public, Private, international Agencies, Government, Non -profit Organization among others.