Many small and medium sized enterprises employ others to help run the business. In many cases, the employees might be regarded as the backbone of the business. In practically every case, employees might be regarded as one of the business’ most valuable assets. As with all valuable assets, employees therefore require the protection of an appropriate level of insurance. In this case, that cover is called employers’ liability insurance. The term helps to explain that it is the employer’s duty to provide employer’s liability insurance if an employee is injured at work or contracts an illness or other medical condition as a result of his or her employment. The liability arises because the employer also has a general duty of care for their well-being whilst at work. If the employer is negligent in this responsibility, a case may be made for substantial compensation to be made.

Who can be Insured?

Any employer whether as a Principal or contractor engaging “workmen” as defined to cover his liability to them under statute and at common law. Any business owner employing others is required to hold employers’ liability insurance to meet any claims. Failure to have such cover could see you face fines if your employees are not protected . And, if you do not have employers’ liability cover and one of your employees is injured while carrying out their job, you face legal action and, potentially, a large claim for compensation, that you will need to fund from your business. or org a n is at ion. Is it worth it? The policy covers liability of an employer for the death of or bodily injuries or occupational diseases sustained by the workmen arising out of and in course of employment over and above the Statutory Liability. Employer can cover Employees who do not qualify as “Workmen” under separate table.


  • To pay all sums which the insured is legally liable to pay the employees in respect of personal injury by accident or diseases ‘arising out of and in the
    course of the employment’
  • Costs or expenses incurred by the insured with the consent of the company, to defend any claims are paid in add it ion.


Premium depends on the nature of work carried on by the insured.


Policy details given are indicative, not exhaustive. Please contact us for further details.